Managed Stores

A well managed inventory can help you meet customer demand, increase production speed and avoid unnecessary costs.

We understand industry, which means we can appreciate the challenges presented by stock management. Required spares involve thousands of SKUs of varying values and sizes which can lead to storing large inventory and can affect cash flow and increase your risk of obsolescence.

How can indTech help?

indTech can optimise your warehouse management to take control of your stores:

  • We can manage the ordering and storing of critical and non-critical stock
  • We can advise you on the latest technologies and products to enhance stock management
  • We can advise and set up on-going stock reporting
  • We can assess and organise your current stock
  • We can introduce you to cloud-based inventory systems
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Case Study - Food & Drink - Food Manufacturing Facility

The Issue

Our customer lacked organisation of their inventory of engineering components and production line spares. This led to shortages of critical components, resulting in production stops and slow recovery from breakdowns.

The Solution

indTech conducted an on-site assessment of the current inventory and processes, addressing their primary challenges. We were able to provide an accurate and bespoke stock management plan, tailored to their unique needs, industry requirements and costs.  We were able to help in the implementation of new systems and processes to ensure their inventory worked for them not against them.